Gynecomastia Surgery Changed My Life

I am 40 years old and from North Dakota. I have lived with gynecomastia since adolescence and spent close to 30 years feeling embarassed and trying to exercise or diet my way to a flat chest. Since early on I have always known about gynecomastia but did not have the courage, to seek a professional opinion.

This past summer I finally made the decision to consult a doctor. I decided to use the internet to search,for a doctor with specialized experience in gynecomastia. Dr. Delgado’s site gave me the answers to a lot of my questions and being out of state, they appeared to be ready to assist me any way they could. I had time off, so I decided to travel there and meet him in person,for a consultation. I was nervous about revealing my condition to anyone,but upon arriving at Dr. Degado’s office I was made to feel welcome and relaxed,the staff was incredibly nice, Dr.Delgado was very friendly,and honest in explaining if surgery could help me and what kind of results I could expect. During the consultation Dr. Delgado gained my confidence and trust and we set up a surgery date for within two weeks.

It has been five weeks since surgery and I’m looking and feeling great, in a week I will be able to take off the compression vest (yea!), it is probably the most discomfort of the whole experience and it’s not that bad,and start exercising again. The surgery and recovery have gone great,very little pain,everything is healing good, I have been very impressed with my results. To anyone considering this surgery, my advice is go for it and whether your in state our out of state like me it is well worth it and Dr.Delgado is a great, experienced choice to achieve the best results.

Thanks so much to Dr.Delgado and his staff,Dr.Gaynor the anesthesiologist, the nurses and overnight nurses aid, you have made what I thought would be a humiliating experience, both pleasant and uplifting. Thanks for giving me a chance at a better life,  full of confidence.