A Patient’s Gynecomastia story

Get This Off My Chest! Stories by Gynecomastia Patients

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Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. recommends that men who suffer from female type breasts Google “patient’s stories about gynecomastia.” It is true that there is comfort in numbers; many men feel better when they find they are not alone with the humiliating condition known as gynecomastia. Men are very private about anything that makes them feel less masculine, and having female type breasts is probably the worst.


For men who have proceeded in having gynecomastia surgery, the relief is so tremendous that many have stepped forward to share their story in the hopes that they may help other men.


One of the published stories shares a man’s frustration in trying to lose as much weight as possible, but nothing seemed to reduce his breasts. He was determined to put an end to his suffering, so as embarrassed as he was he finally consulted with a gynecomastia specialist. That day changed his life. He was so relieved when he met the compassionate doctor and the staff he scheduled surgery. You can read his posting here. Note that he posted his before and after pictures.


In another story, a man shares how he fought anxiety and severe depression due to his female type breasts. He avoided activities that would require him to remove his shirt, such as pool parties or going to the beach, he instead sat in front of a computer all day. After suffering for nine years, he started researching gynecomastia. Ready to end his suffering, he went to see a specialist and proceeded with surgery. He is another ecstatic patient who wanted to share his story and much of the information he gathered during his research, which you can read in its entirety here.


For many more stories, visit www.gynecomastia.org known as the “Web’s Best Resource for Information.” In addition to multiple stories, the site offers forums where patients can ask and answer questions of each other and member gynecomastia surgeons. Other sections of the website show hundreds of before and after pictures of male breast reduction patients, videos, and a directory of gynecomastia specialists listed by state.


Gynecomastia specialist, Miguel Delgado, M.D. of the San Francisco Bay Area invites you to call today (415) 898-4161 for a consultation to learn what options are available to you. For patients out of the area or out of state, he offers a generous travel package.