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Only in the last few years San Jose men have learned of a surgical procedure called male breast reduction. Today, there are still some men that are not aware of it. Gynecomastia surgery is a surgical procedure that removes or reduces the male breast. Men are notoriously embarrassed by this condition and are reluctant to seek advice, not realizing how prevalent it is.

There have been many news stories lately and television shows that refer negatively to male breasts. There are unkind descriptions such as; man boobs, moobs, and even bitch tits. While these references are hurtful, they are bringing attention to gynecomastia, prompting some men to research the condition. The internet has brought vast amounts of information on this subject. If you were to Google; gynecomastia support forums or gynecomastia find a surgeon, the website will come up in one of the first positions. was conceived in 1998 by a psychologist who suffered with male breasts. He discovered there was very little information available and little to no support for men suffering with the condition. Through the years, the website has evolved to become the most informative source on gynecomastia. The site has forums where men can share stories, ask questions and get support from each other. There is an “Ask a Doctor” section where members can post questions. There are doctors that specialize in gynecomastia surgery that are members of the site, their membership fee help cover the expense of maintaining the website. There is no fee for the men who are members, but registration is required to help maintain the privacy for all.

In addition to the forums, there is a directory of surgeons to help members locate a specialist in their area. The site offers before and after pictures, news articles, and blogs submitted by the surgeons. There have been numerous comments from patients and their families of their appreciation of the vast information and support they have received from, the webs best resource for information.