Gynecomastia Costs Reduced for Out Of Town Patient’s With Free Travel Package

San Francisco photo
San Francisco

San Jose,CA-There are many gynecomastia surgery cases reported that have very disappointing results, just check out the forums on to see multiple posts by men that wish they had researched further before picking their surgeon to treat their man boobs also known as moobs. Many plastic surgeons will offer to do male breast reduction surgery, but you need to know if they specialize in it and are they Board Certified in Plastic Surgery? Do they show you numerous before and after pictures of their patients? Do they go into detail of how they would perform the procedure specifically for you? If you have true gynecomastia and your surgeon talks about removing your male breasts by liposuction alone, get another opinion. The male breast is made up of fat and breast tissue, liposuction will only remove the fat.

Finding the right surgeon the first time is of great importance so that there does not need to be a “second” time. Dr. Delgado’s gynecomastia surgeries at this time are at about 40% for redo surgeries for patients that had their original surgery done elsewhere. The biggest reason for a secondary surgery is when the original surgeon has tried to remove the male breast with liposuction alone, leaving the breast tissue behind. Another reason for a secondary surgery is when the original surgeon has removed too much fat, and tissue, leaving behind what is called a crater deformity, it can be fixed but needs the expert skills of  the best top plastic cosmetic surgeon who is also a gynecomastia specialist.

See the blog dated December 1, 2012 on how to find the best gynecomastia specialist. Due to the fact that there is not an abundance of gynecomastia specialists, many men travel great distances in order to have the surgery done correctly. Dr. Delgado realizes that this is a great expense for men, and therefore, offers a free travel package to the San Francisco Bay Area for his services. Many men opt to have additional cosmetic surgery such as liposuction or “CoolSculpting” for additional body contouring at the same time as their gynecomastia surgery, to save money and time. If this is of interest, Dr. Delgado would be happy to discuss the options during your consultation.

Men can have a virtual consultation with Dr. Delgado via Skype or over the phone. If the patient emails or mails photos, Dr. Delgado is able to give a personal evaluation followed by a written surgical quote outlining the costs of gynecomastia surgery. This way the patient is able to make one trip having the pre-operative appointment a day or two before the scheduled surgery.

Novato Oaks Inn photo
Novato Oaks Inn

The travel package offers:  4 Days at Novato Oaks Inn, travel vouchers round trip for San Francisco International Airport to Novato. The hotel offers spacious guest rooms, complimentary continental breakfast and room service, free shuttle to local shops, restaurants and theaters, free wireless internet access, special wedge pillows for support.

A complimentary shuttle will take you to Dr. Delgado’s; 165 Rowland Way, Suite 300 Novato, California office or 415 Sutter Street, Suite 2433 San Francisco, California office as needed during your stay.  In-Room Post-Operative Visit by Dr. Delgado is also included.

Wine Country photo
Wine Country

Novato is only 30 minutes away from San Francisco or in the other direction 30 minutes to the wine country of Sonoma and Napa. Many men come several days early bringing a family member or a friend to make a mini-vacation out of their stay, enjoying the many sites that the city of San Francisco has to offer and also many include a visit to the nearby wine country. For more details on what the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer click here.

Due to the high demand by out of town patients for gynecomastia treatment, Dr. Delgado finds that his travel package makes having surgery away from home much more affordable for most men. The surgery takes place at Dr. Delgado’s own private facility, “The Gynecomastia Surgery Center of Excellence” giving his male breast reduction patients the utmost in concierge care. For a complimentary consultation by Skype or phone call the office at (415) 898-4161.