Suggested Questions for the Gynecomastia Consultation

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Men notoriously have a hard time asking for help, especially when it comes to seeking cosmetic plastic surgery. However, due to the humiliation caused by enlarged breast tissue, the percentage of men seeking solutions increases each year. Taking the first step in scheduling a consultation with a gynecomastia specialist may be the hardest part. Dr. Miguel Delgado, M.D. has stated that his male breast reduction patients show a great deal of relief once they meet with him and learn that he can put an end to their suffering.

Dr. Delgado’s main goal is to put his patient’s at ease and let them know that he understands their angst. He will explain to them how gynecomastia surgery will give them their life back. It is important for men to understand exactly how male breast reduction will work for them. Dr. Delgado understands that when men first come in that they are nervous and that it may be difficult for them to express their concerns. He suggests that men write down their questions before coming in so that they won’t forget any concerns they may have.

Dr. Delgado encourages men to feel that they can call the office at any time if they have more questions or something that might not have been covered during their consultation. If you are seeing Dr. Delgado or another gynecomastia specialist, you may want to refer to the suggested questions below.


  1. Make sure that your surgeon and anesthesiologist are board certified.
  2. Where will the surgery be performed? Is it accredited?
  3. How many male breast reduction cases does your surgeon do each year? For how many years?
  4. There are different ways to do gynecomastia surgery, how will yours be done? Where will the incisions be?
  5. How long will the surgery last and how long before you can go home?
  6. What will you need at home for aftercare?
  7. What medications will be prescribed? Be sure to let your surgeon know all medications and supplements you are taking now.
  8. Ask if liposuction alone can get rid of your gynecomastia.
  9. Will you need drains and a compression vest? If so, for how long?
  10. How long before you can return to work?
  11. When can you resume going to the gym or restart your exercise program?
  12. What risks are associated with male breast reduction?
  13. How are complications handled?
  14. Can your male breasts grow back?
  15. Ask to view before and after pictures
  16. What fees are involved?


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