Vitamins Aid Recovery for Male Breast Reduction Patients

San Jose gynecomastia surgery patients are finding they have a faster recovery when they take high quality vitamins provided by Dr. Delgado. Dr. Delgado has been monitoring his male breast reduction patients for years. He noticed that the patients that followed his advice in taking vitamins before and after surgery seemed to heal faster than those who did not.

Encouraged by the results, Dr. Delgado wanted to find the best available products to offer to his patients. After a lot of research, Dr. Delgado found VitaMedica to meet and exceed his requirements for a superior product. VitaMedica Surgery Program includes; Clinical Support AM and Clinical Support PM, which are high quality vitamins that do not contain vitamin E (a blood thinner) and a higher dose of vitamin C, which benefits surgery patients. In addition to the vitamins, the Surgery Program contains Arnica Montana and Bromelain with Quercetin for reduction of inflammation and bruising.

VitaMedica Surgery Program photo
VitaMedica Surgery Program

The Surgery Program lasts for two weeks before and after surgery, for a total of four weeks. Dr. Delgado feels so strongly that the VitaMedica program benefits his gynecomastia surgery patients that he includes the products for all of his surgery patients.