What is the Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery?

Gynecomastia Specialist Miguel A. Delgado, Jr., M.D. photo
Gynecomastia Specialist
Miguel A. Delgado, Jr., M.D.

San Jose men, in order to plan for their gynecomastia surgery, ask what the cost will be. Cosmetic plastic surgery is highly personalized as no two people are exactly alike. For the male breast reduction patient, gynecomastia comes in many different forms. There is what is known as “pseudo-gynecomastia”, which is caused by fat alone and usually remedied by liposuction. Then for “true” gynecomastia, there can be a mild to moderate condition, which is sometimes treated by the “light pull-through” procedure. There are moderate cases on up to extreme or severe cases that may require two to three separate surgical procedures in order to get the best outcome. With all these variables, the surgical time and complexities affect the cost.

To give an approximate cost for what would be considered average for male breast reduction surgery that includes both surgical excision and liposuction, the range for Dr. Delgado’s fee would be approximately $4500-$5100. Based on 3.5 hours of surgery for Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center the fee would be $2450. The fee for the anesthesiologist would be $1050, and for garments and supplies about $300 for a total of $8900.

You need to factor in the location of the surgery bearing in mind that the metropolitan areas are more expensive as is the more experienced surgeon. A gynecomastia specialist earns a higher fee due to his/her extensive experience. Be careful about cutting costs in finding a surgeon who is not considered a specialist in male breast reduction surgery as the incidence of revision surgery can be quite high. In fact, Dr. Delgado states that of his gynecomastia surgery cases, almost 50% are redo cases of surgeries done elsewhere.  With consideration for the need of travel for a great number of his patients, Dr. Delgado offers a complimentary Travel Package to help cover expenses; details are on his Out-of-Town page, www.gynecomastiaspecialist.com/outoftown.asp.

Frequently men want to have additional surgery done at the time of their moob reduction as mentioned in the previous blog. Adding more surgery would increase the time and fees, but not as much as if they were done separately.