Gynecomastia Surgery Patients Want to Know: What type of Anesthesia?

Board Certified Anesthesiologist Dr. Randy Gaynor photo
Board Certified Anesthesiologist
Dr. Randy Gaynor

Gynecomastia San Jose patients ask about the type of anesthesia used during gynecomastia surgery. With any type of anesthesia other than general, there is a possibility the patient may move around, compromising the surgical result. There may be some surgeons who do male breast reduction surgery under what is known as IV sedation or a twilight sleep; I use general anesthesia.

General anesthesia is a medically induced state of unconsciousness. Due to significant advances in technology and medications, general anesthesia is extremely safe. Some of the advantages are that the patient is not unduly stressed during surgery, keeping blood pressure under control and remaining completely still over prolonged periods of time.

Some may say that the disadvantages are that a trained anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist needs to be present; costly equipment is needed and pre-operative preparation of the gynecomastia patient is required.

At Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center, we don’t see these as disadvantages. As a superior surgery center, we have Dr. Randy Gaynor a Board Certified Anesthesiologist on our highly trained surgical team. The surgery center has state of the art equipment. Being able to offer all our gynecomastia patients the best in concierge services is what they deserve.

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